Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mall sketches and 30 min sketches

The topic for 30 min sketches this week was a Chinese dragon, space bikini and a stone bridge...The great thing about drawing dragons is that you can draw them anyway you want, because they don't exist!

I also did some sketching in the mall the other day.. There were alot of interesting characters!

Friday, May 2, 2008

TV Sketches

I did these tonight while watching G4

Some Random Drawings

Here are some random (badly done) drawings of parents picking their kids up at the after school program. I have alot of work to do in terms of learning construction and proportions.
I was looking at Bobby Chiu's dragon sketches book for inspiration and came up with this guy chasing after his next meal.
This is a random drawing of a mother dragon

First Post


Welcome to my new sketching/illustration blog. I've always been into art and drawing, but never took it up seriously until about 18 months ago when I began teaching kids at an after school program how to draw animals and people. I've been drawing and sketching for awhile and have decided to put my stuff on the web. Most of it is original, some has been inspired from other artists, and some stuff has been redrawn in an attempt to improve. Anything that isn't original will be marked as such. I hope to really improve my drawing and painting skills someday so that I may become a children's book illustrator or a freelance character designer. For now I do a lot of drawing and sketching as a hobby and a way to practice.

Alot of my drawing has been inspired by many artist's blogs around the web. My biggest influences have been Stephen Silver and Bobby Chiu. I had the great opportunity to meet them both at New York Comic con and pick up more of their sketchbooks. Eventually, I'd love to take their online classes at and really develop as an artist.

For now, I'll just draw away!