Friday, September 19, 2008

IF Clique

I drew this one a while ago. I work at an elementary afterschool program and I saw this scene quickly sketched it out and finished it before I went home that night(there was no dog present). I always thought it was missing something... I splashed some color on it for IF, although that is probably one of the few times I've ever done that. I really want to take that schoolism digital painting class so that I can do it with skill...someday!

Monday is my birthday!


Connie said...

Now this is a happy clique! Thanks for capturing it and sharing it and a dog never is out of place. Have a great birthday!

Rui Sousa said...

Very beautiful work, congratulations!

Rui Sousa
(O temporário)

soulbrush said...

it's marvellous, hey happy birthday!

Steve said...

Thanks everyone!

neil said...

A lovely image Steve. Its evocative of most childhoods I believe. I wonder what mischief this gang are planning? Very well done.